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Isithembiso 3 Teasers June 2019 Mzansi Magic

Isithembiso Teasers June 2019 – Upcoming Mzansi Magic dram series ‘Isithembiso’ teasers, previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for June 2019.

Monday 3 June 2019Episode 46 
Tshepo must decide on being a Kunene. Zoleka questions her heart. Cheez gets closer to the ultimate prize. 
Tuesday 4 June 2019Episode 47 
Lihle reveals a side that leaves Palesa deeply unsettled. Ma Dolly continues to frustrate Kero over Vivian. Abednego is forced to apologise.
Wednesday 5 June 2019Episode 48 
Cheez discovers the man behind the Titus smile. Vivian calls on Chunks to help her with her future mother-in-law, and Oscar gets Abednego all wound up again.
Thursday 6 June 2019Episode 49 
Ma Dolly struggles to hide her anger at Vivian. Nhlamulo’s passions go pear-shaped. Palesa gets a slap in the face.
Friday 7 June 2019Episode 50 
Cheez finds all his hard work pays off. Nhlamulo makes a bold move in front of everyone, while Abednego makes a sneaky call to the police.  
Monday 10 June 2019Episode 51 
Nhlamulo tries to convince himself he made the right choice while Palesa licks her wounds. Diamond has lost his shine. Indy’s past catches up with him, and demands payment.
Tuesday 11 June 2019Episode 52 
Lihle becomes a new woman. Zoleka is forced to help Diamond, while Cheez gets a wake-up call, and Indy has left the building.
Wednesday 12 June 2019Episode 53 
Uncle Koloi hears about Diamond’s severance money. Banzi and Lihle take a trip down memory lane. Cheez stops negotiations with Mr Titus.
Thursday 13 June 2019Episode 54 
Cheez deals with Titus. Zamani rallies to Indy’s cause. Pastor Absalom’s appreciation of Lihle sparks Banzi’s jealousy.
Friday 14 June 2019Episode 55 
Lihle comes face-to-face with an old enemy. Cheez makes future plans that include Palesa. Koloi lands Diamond in financial hot water.  
Monday 17 June 2019Episode 56 
Ethel’s return poses a massive problem for Lihle. Diamond tries furiously to get his money back. Jackson raises his fee.
Tuesday 18 June 2019Episode 57 
Ethel threatens to reveal Lihle’s secret. Tensions rise further between Indy and Abednego. Diamond is desperate to make Milner’s a success.
Wednesday 19 June 2019Episode 58 
Banzi tries to contain the rampant Ethel, Pastor Absalom shows Lihle a third way. Zoleka is forced to step up for the family, while Ayanda steps up for Zamani.
Thursday 20 June 2019Episode 59 
Lihle’s anger at Banzi grows, while Diamond sweats to find a musician who’ll put Milner’s on the map. Abednego puts it all on the line with Chunks.
Friday 21 June 2019Episode 60   As Lihle prepares to tell Palesa the truth, tragedy strikes. Abednego makes a life-changing decision. Diamond gets a rude awakening from Flow-T.  
Monday 24 June 2019Episode 61 
Banzi worries about his mother’s health. Palesa learns a shocking truth. Diamond battles to get Milner’s in shape.
Tuesday 25 June 2019Episode 62 
Lihle’s confession leaves Palesa stunned. Diamond’s plan for the Milner’s launch unravels. Pastor Absalom presses Banzi to do the right thing.
Wednesday 26 June 2019Episode 63 
Ethel fights for her life, Diamond almost eats humble pie. Chunks forces Kero to give Indy his life back, while Anathi regains a friend.
Thursday 27 June 2019Episode 63 
Ethel drops a bombshell about her health. Koloi rattles Bones. Zamani and Indy provoke Jackson, and Jackson smells a rat.
Friday 28 June 2019Episode 64 
Diamond and Koloi go gangsta to launch the new Milner’s. Indy shows Chunks how he feels about her. Indy and Zamani take down Jackson, as Anathi gets hit on by a guy.
Isithembiso airs on Mzansi Magic from Mondays to Fridays at 19h30.