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The Throne Teasers June 2019 Mzansi Magic

The Throne Teasers June 2019  – Upcoming e.tv drama series ‘The Throne’ teasers, previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for June 2019.

Monday 3 June 2019Episode 177Sudden paralysis!
Mme Naledi is struck with a sudden illness and Lazarus and Goitseone panic about what could be the issue. The Royal Family try to convince Odirile to drop the case against Queen Mosadi. Tuesday 4 June 2019Episode 178Timeless Secrets!
The Morule’s and the Kwena’s appear in court and chaos erupts. Mme Naledi’s mysterious illness leaves her unconscious; Goitseone and Lazarus are distraught.
Wednesday 5 June 2019Episode 179Daylight Robbery
Odirile makes a shocking testimony against Queen Mosadi. Queen Mosadi gets attacked by media and reporters; is she the legitimate Queen? Goitseone takes a dangerous trip to save his mother.
Thursday 6 June 2019Episode 180All Out for the Win!
Queen Mosadi’s life is turned upside down and she begins to doubt the basis of her whole life. Odirile and Sello’s plans hit a snag when a key witness goes MIA.
Monday 10 June 2019Episode 181A Cry for help!
Goitseone is frustrated as Sewelo refuses to go back to Kweneng with him and Moreri. Queen Mosadi panics as she wonders why Maswabi pretended to be sick.
Tuesday 11 June 2019Episode 182Saving Mme Naeldi!
Mme Naledi’s life hangs on the balance. Maswabi takes the stand. Goitseone’s journey is not over, he needs to save Mme Naledi.
Wednesday 12 June 2019Episode 183The Arrest!
Sephiri proves that she will protect the throne at all costs. Lazarus begins to lose hope that his wife can be saved. Goitseone and Moreri are faced with another challenge on their journey.
Thursday 13 June 2019Episode 184Sephiri’s Testimony!
Queen Mosadi decides to grab the bull by the balls and set the record straight. The Royal Healer give Sephiri something to help her with her testimony. Moreri doesn’t seem to be getting better.
Monday 17 June 2019Episode 185Nawa Ya Phure
Things take a turn for the worst for the Kwenas when they find out what Odirile and Sello have in store for them. Goitseone’s journey proves more challenging and may be in vain.
Tuesday 18 June 2019Episode 186Exhume!
Odirile is granted permission to open the gates of hell. There is hope for Mme Naledi.
Wednesday 19 June 2019Episode 187Knocked-Over!
The Kwenas have been rendered powerless to stop the exhumation. Mme Naledi and her family face another hurdle to gain her full recovery. Odirile comes under attack in her home yet again at the hands of her family. Thursday 20 June 2019Episode 188Missing Bones!
It’s exhumation day and it’s full of surprises. Mme Naledi reveals why she’s under spiritual attack. Odirile is in for the shock of her life.
Monday 24 JuneEpisode 189A Bloody Entrance!
Odirile and Sello panic as they try to figure who could have taken Queen Sejo’s body. Mapula has arrived and it looks like she has a secret to bury. Tuesday 25 June 2019Episode 190The Last Hours!
Time is ticking as a desperate Odirile tries to find Sejo’s corpse. Otsile is confronted with the past. Lazarus wants Mapula gone.
Wednesday 26 June 2019Episode 191Something Stupid
Odirile watches helplessly as Maswabi’s life is put on the line. Lazarus sees a side to Mme Naledi he seldom sees. Thursday 27 June 2019Episode 192The Abduction!
Maswabi goes missing. Queen Mosadi comes to Mapula’s aid. Sephiri’s worst nightmare becomes reality.
The Throne airs on Mzansi Magic from Mondays to Thursdays at 19h00.